Bert Carlson

Photograph by Sera PetrasBert is my established duo partner and primary accompanist. He and I have worked together since the summer of 2003. We’ve actually gone about this gigging together business just the opposite of how most people do it (not surprising, as we’re both pretty non-traditional). I called Bert out of the blue in 2002, on the recommendation of a fellow musician, Richard Adams, and asked him if he’d like to arrange and play tunes for me on a jazz-styled CD I wanted to make. Over five years later, we’re making music together, and have collaborated on our second CD. Working with Bert is a blast. He challenges me and his creativity and musical energy inspire me. Here’s a short bio on Bert, but you need to hear him to believe that he really can play just about any style of American popular music that you can name! Click here for Bert's bio.

Other Musicians

Photograph by Sera PetrasBert and I often bring in other musicians for gigs where there is a call for a larger ensemble. As well, there are times when Bert is already booked and I get a gig call, so I have occasion to use another duo accompanist or work with other combos. Here’s a representative list of some of the talented musicians with whom I’ve had occasion to work in the last few years:

Accordion James Harrington   Horns Richard Adams
Bass Bob Bowen   Mandolin/fiddle T.J. Johnson
  Ralph Gordon     Danny Knicely
  Matt Kendrick   Piano Bob Alberti
  Lew Morrison     Liz Barnes
  Charlie Perkinson     David Ferguson
Drums Wes Crawford     Wells Hanley
  Scott Logsdon     Hod O’Brien
  Dave Morgan   Woodwinds Richard Adams
  Tim Pyne     Tom Artwick
  Phil Riddle     Bobby Read
Guitar Royce Campbell      
  Vince Lewis      

Photograph by James Belcher


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